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What Chemical Skin Peel is Right for You?

What Chemical Skin Peel is Right for You?

Chemical skin peels involve applying certain chemicals to the face to remove the outermost layers of the skin, causing it to peel. Skin peels can really improve your skin quality and texture. But with so many chemical peels available, how do you know what is best for you?

In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most popular types of skin peels, what they do, what conditions they treat, and what skin types they work best on. Hopefully, this can give you some insight into which type of skin peel would be best for you.

AHA Peels

AHA peels consist of a quick chemical exfoliation of the skin that aids in stimulating collagen production. It also helps with improving the elasticity and hydration of the skin. Essentially this type of peel rejuvenates the skin through exfoliation. The buildup of dead skin cells is loosened and removed. It is often these dead skin cells that cause your skin to look flat and dull. 

This type of skin peel often has wonderful results for patients with acne as the peel aids in reducing the size of skin pores. It is also a great peel for those that feel that their skin looks tired and lifestyle, as well as those who are new to skin peels and are interested in trying them out!

TCA Peels

TCA peels are slightly stronger and are considered medium-depth peels. TCA peels work by removing dead skin cells by causing the skin to peel and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Like most peels, it is essential that you protect your skin from the sun as your skin heals from the peel.

These peels are perfect for clients who have dry, sun-damaged skin. It is also used to treat pigmentation, wrinkles and scarring. 

Jessners Peels

The Jessners peel is also a medium-depth peel that is used to improve the appearance of your skin. This peel is great for reducing dark spots and fine lines, as it leaves the skin looking younger and refreshed after the dead skin cells have been sloughed off.

Good candidates for this type of peel are those who have thick, oily skin and are looking to improve skin conditions such as pigmentation, scarring, and acne.

Interested in improving the health and quality of your skin? At Supernatural Hair & Body Clinic, we offer a wide range of skin peels and other skin rejuvenation services. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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